Sensors Calibration System

YMC VCS–02 shock testing system consists of YMC9204H vibration/shock measuring instrument, and YMC9800–05 software; YMC9204H is Built–in 4 chs Charge amplifiers, IEPE signal conditioners, can input 4 chs Charge, Voltage or IEPE sensors signal at the same times; Via USB2.0 interface connected with the computer. Bulit–in 2 chs DA signal output, can generate half sine, trapezoidal wave, after peak sawtooth wave and pulse signal etc. Multi I/O can control and detect shock table. Real–time display working state, the measured acceleration value, pulse width, and velocity variation, measurement error, etc.;Automatic finish test report.Support the national standard, MIL standard and custom standard.Appply for all kinds of shock test, drop test, impact test and vibration/shock test.

Impact Hammers Modal Hammers