Sensors Calibration System

Sensors Calbration; Shock Test & Calibration; Vibration Control;

 Vibration/Shock Measurement & Calibration System

1. VSC-01 Vibration Sensors Calibration System

VCS-01 Consists of:

1、   Standard sensor

2、   Standard vibration table

3、   Linear power amplifier

4、   Multi-function vibration analyzer(2-output,4-input)

5、   Test and calibration software

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1.       Back-to-back Secondary Reference;

2.       Frequency Range:5 Hz  to 30kHz;

3.       Vibration Amplitude:0 to 500m/s2(Power Amplifier, Exciter selectable)

4.       Auto-calibrating Sensitivity, Linearity, amplitude-frequency characteristic and phase frequency characteristics;

5.       calibration method:point by point comparison method, the sine sweep method, the random excitation method;

6.       Offer Test Report;

Main parts:

1. Standard sensor:using natural quartz as Sensing Element, High stability, can be used as a sensor calibration;

2.  Standard vibration table:please refer to SVT and VT Series vibration table index; The load and Max vibration level

3.Linear power amplifier:according to the vibration table to select the corresponding power amplifier.Linear power amplifier with High signal-to-noise ratio, wide frequency range and small distortion;

4.  Multi-function vibration analyzer (2 output, 4 input) :High conversion rate of 500 kHz signal output and 1 MHz 4 channel parallel sampling rate, ensure complete and accurate signal;

5.Test andcalibration software:according to the conditions set automaticallycomplete all testing, and report form, and can according to the measuredsensor Sensitivity, automatically adjust the internal Gain, to ensurethat the signal-to-noise ratio and testing Accuracy.

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 2.  Shock Testing System

SVC-01 shock testing system consists of YMC9204H vibration/shock measuring instrument, and YMC9800-05 software; YMC9204H is Built-in 4 chs Charge amplifiers, IEPE signal conditioners, can  input 4 chs Charge, Voltage or IEPE sensors signal at the same times;Via USB2.0 interface connected with the computer. Bulit-in 2 chs DA signal output, can generate half sine, trapezoidal wave, after peak sawtooth wave and pulse signal etc. Multi I/O can control and detect  shock table.Real-time display working state, the measured acceleration value, pulse width, and velocity variation, measurement error, etc.;Automatic finish test report.Support the national standard, MIL standard and custom standard.Appply for all kinds of shock test, drop test, impact test and vibration/shock test.

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YMC9204H Shock Analyzer

Shock Testing

Shock Setting

Testing Report

Main Parameters:

l          Input signal types:Charge(PE), Voltage, IEPE;

l          The built-in Gain:Charge 0.1, 1,10,100 mV/pC; Voltage/IEPE:1,10,100 mV/mV;

l          The built-in filter:built-in analog filter + digital anti-aliasing filter;

l          AD sampling rate:real-time sampling rate per channel 1 MHZ;

l          DA conversion rate:500 kHz;

l          Sampling method:Iinternal trigger;External triggering; continuous recording etc;

l          Measurement Range:1 to 100000 g(PK);

l          Measuring pulse width:0.201 mS to 3000 mS;

l          4-input, 2-output;

l          Customized software for needs;

Apply for vibration/ shock testing and calibration.;

3.   Vibration Control System

VSC-02 Vibration control system consists of YMC9800-03 vibration control software and YMC9204H controller. VSC-02 can automatic finish to control according to preseted vibration level such as vibration acceleration, velocity and force amplitude etc.


4.   Vibration Calibration System

VSC-03 Vibration calibration system consists of YMC9800-03 vibrator test software module, YMC9204H controller and vibration sensors. Can finish to test and calibrate  for almost vibrators according to relevant national verification regulation.Offers the distortion degree, the transverse vibration, amplitude uniformity and other related parmeters. Automatically save the result of the test, easy to make relevant report.


5.  Shock calibration system

SVS-02 Shock calibration system consists of YMC9800-10 shock test software modules, YMC9204H controller and shock accelerometer.Can finish to test and calibrate almost shock tables according to the relevant national standard, MIL standard and user-defined standards. Automatically save the result of the test, easy to make relevant report.


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